Workspace One Service Level Agreement

During the term of the Agreement under which Google has agreed to provide Customer with Google Cloud Platform (if any, the “Agreement”), the Covered Service will provide Customer with a monthly availability percentage (the “Service Level Objective” or “SLO”) as follows: (c) No data location or transparency of access. Customer test data processed in accordance with this Section 6 is not subject to any requirements for location or access to data transparency (which can be found under and 5.1 Subsequent intergovernmental agreement. If Customer subsequently enters into a separate agreement under which Google or a Google affiliate agrees to provide Cloud Identity Services, that subsequent Agreement supersedes this Agreement with respect to the Cloud Identity Services. If this Agreement terminates or expires, Google may continue to provide Cloud Identity Services in accordance with the Cloud Identity Agreement, unless this Agreement is terminated or expires in accordance with its terms. “Cloud Identity Agreement” means an agreement for the provision of cloud identity services entered into by the parties prior to the termination or expiration of this Agreement. Capitalized terms not defined in these Service-Specific Terms of Service for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) have the meanings specified in the Google Workspace Service Schedule of the Google Cloud Framework Agreement, the G Suite for Education Agreement, or any other applicable agreement regarding the use of the Google Workspace Services (each, the “Agreement”). “End User” means (i) for the purposes of Google Voice, potential users who may be in the physical location of a Google Voice Connected Device made available for use; and (ii) for Google Meet purposes, potential users who may use Google Meet telephony services to connect to or exit Google Meet meetings. Live management of all devices, including desktops, mobile devices, rugged devices and IoT, and ensure enterprise security at all levels with Workspace ONE UEM, powered by airWatch technology.

(b) Use of Customer Test Data. Subject to Section 6(d) (Restriction of Use for Government Customers) of this Section 6, Google and Customer may ensure (including by collecting or providing necessary consents or notices) that Google may use all Customer Data (including Customer Personal Data) transmitted, stored, sent or received through Customer or its end users` pre-GA offerings (“Customer Test Data”) to support these pre-GA offers and all related offers. use Google products and services without limitation or obligation to Customer to test, analyze, develop, and improve an End User or third party, except as provided in the Agreement Privacy Terms and below: 7.6 Termination upon domain verification. If the verifying party is a third party, this Agreement automatically terminates when the verifying party assumes ownership and control of the domain name and all associated end user accounts (including the customer account). For the avoidance of doubt, this section does not affect any end-user rights that may be granted by the verifying party under its own (separate) Google Workspace Agreement. 6. Terms and Conditions of General Availability Offers. Google may provide Customer with Google Workspace features, services, or software prior to their general availability that are identified as “Early Access,” “Alpha,” “Beta,” “Preview,” “Experimental,” or similar designation in the Content Browser, Related Documentation, or Documents, or a Test Application (as defined below) (collectively, the “Pre-GA Offerings”).

Although Pre-GA Offerings are not Services, Customer`s use of Pre-GA Offerings is subject to the terms of the Agreement applicable to the Services, as amended in this Section 6. If Customer has agreed to Google`s then-current terms or otherwise consented to the parties describing the confidentiality and processing obligations with respect to Customer Data as set forth at (the “Data Processing Change” or “DPA”), the DPA for Pre-AG Offerings will be considered “Services” for DPA purposes and, for the sake of clarity, this Section 6 forms part of the “Agreement”, referred to in Section 5.2.1 (Customer Instructions) of the DPA. subject to the following changes: 4.1 Third Party Data Sources. Customer`s use of Third Party Data Sources in connection with the Cloud Search Platform is subject to the Terms of Use and other agreements between Customer and the applicable provider of the Third Party Data Source (“Third Party Data Source Terms”). Customer is solely responsible for compliance with these Third Party Data Source Terms, including ensuring the rights necessary to allow Google to access or use such Third Party Data Sources to provide the Cloud Search Platform to Customer. “List of Service and Telephony Providers” means the then-current list of service and telephony providers under (i) for Google Voice, and (ii) for Google Meet Telephony “Regional Terms of Service” as described in e) Management after verification of the domain name. Google Voice “Fees” include the fees described in

(a) Test requests. Customer may apply to be a test user of one or more Pre-GA Offerings by submitting the Application(s) available through the Admin Console or otherwise to Google (“Test Application(s)”). If Google accepts Customer as a test user of a Pre-GA Offering (based on Google`s applicable domain-level requirements for Test Users), Google will make that Pre-GA Offering available to Customer in accordance with the terms of this Section 6. Additional Terms (“Specific Trial Terms”) may apply to this Pre-GA Offering and may be provided by Google via the Trial Application or otherwise in writing prior to customer`s use of the Pre-AG Offering. The test application and any specific test conditions are included in this section 6. 3.2 Google may block any behavior that attempts to circumvent tracking and billing of active users or storage. 8.10 Customer`s Termination of Google Voice. This section 8.10 applies only to Google Voice and NOT to Google Meet telephony. In addition to the termination rights described in the Agreement, Customer may terminate the use of Google Voice at any time by notifying GTSP in writing.

Customer must stop using Google Voice immediately upon termination. *If an offline document refers to “Google Voice Service Provider” or “GVSP”, such references will be considered “Google Telephony Services Provider” or “GTSP” for the purposes of these Service-Specific Terms of Service. 7.1 End User Invitation. Customer may invite other users with a domain email address to use the Services. If such Users accept Customer`s invitation to use the Services, they will be considered Customer`s end users in accordance with the Agreement. (d) Customer and all End Users will be notified when the domain name is verified. 1.1 Primary Data Storage. If Customer uses an In-Scope edition of the Services, Customer may use the Admin Console to select a data region to store data at rest, and Google will retain such data accordingly in accordance with applicable law (“Google Workspace Data Region Policy”).